Anyone have the Steering Ratio?

Guys, can anyone tell me what the steering ratio of the Renault Zoe used in this dataset is? Steering angle without the ratio seems useless to us, unless we can correlate it to a turning radius.

Hi. I don’t have a way to verify this, but I think these may be the correct values:

wheelbase = 2.588  # Zoe (m)
steering_ratio = 15.2  # approximation for Zoe (unitless)
max_steering = 0.552; //0.6; // rad (steering wheel ground angle)
max_steering_wheel_angle = 2.73 * Math::PI; // rad (Zoe turns 2.73 times lock to lock as per tech spec sheet. angle range is [-2.73*PI, 2.73*PI])
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Thank you so much! Really appreciate the help.