Creating Videos without Bounding Boxes

Hi. I’ve followed the tutorial and created the nuScenes videos with 3D bounding boxes.

I’d like to create the same videos without the bounding boxes but it’s not clear if this is possible and if so, how to do this? I’ve had a look through the code on Github but found nothing obvious.

Any help is much appreciated.

Which function are you referring to?
You could inherit from the nuScenes class and overwrite the class with a modified copy of the function, where you disable the box rendering.

I used render_scene_channel to create videos for specific cameras and also render_scene to use all the camera views in a single video.

I saw in that there is a class ‘BoxVisibility’ but I don’t really understand the description - does this relate to how the boxes are drawn on the frame rather than being used to prevent the boxes from being drawn?

Thank you

I’ve found a solution - I’ve used the images in the Sweep folder and Matlab to create videos without bounding boxes.

I should probably have done this all along but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something in the SDK.

Thanks for replying.

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