Information on road edges


I was exploring the dataset. I noticed that information on lane divider and road divider are present. However, information on left_road_edge_segment and right_road_edge_segment are not present.

For example, in a single lane road, I want to know what nodes form the left road edge and what nodes form the right road edge.

Can we retrieve this information or calculate it somehow?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Please take a look at the tutorial.
Take a look at these properties of lane:

  • from_edge_line_token and to_edge_line_token denotes their traffic direction.
  • left_lane_divider_segments and right_lane_divider_segment denotes their lane dividers.
  • left_lane_divider_segment_nodes and right_lane_divider_segment_nodes denotes the nodes that makes up the lane dividers.

Hi @holger-nutonomy,

In the tutorial, right_lane_divider_segment_nodes = []. And, when I take a road with a single lane, I notice that both right_lane_divider_segment_nodes = [] and left_lane_divider_segment_nodes = []. In this scenario, how do I find the nodes that make up the right (or left) side of the lane ?

I believe we only have the left-vs-right information if there are lane dividers. If there are not, you would probably need to figure it out geometrically. You know from_edge_line_token and to_edge_line_token and could approximately figure it out.

Okay. I shall try it.