Plot Bounding Boxes over 6 Camera Images and Publish to ROS Topics to be Visualized in Rviz

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It seems like you already found the relevant code snippets. Can you explain your problem related to nuScenes more in detail? I am not familiar with the CenterPoint or ROS codebase.

Thanks for the response! I want to visualize the predicted bounding boxes from the CenterPoint algorithm in the camera images. Now, I have the co-ordinates of the predicted bounding boxes but they are with respect to the Lidar frame. Hence, I need to first convert them to the ego vehicle body frame and then to the camera frame. Kindly suggest how can I achieve this.

Secondly, from the predicted bounding boxes co-ordinates how do I know which camera’s transformation (translation and rotation) matrices should I apply? Additionally, I was wondering why there are calibration information in the calibrated_sensor.json file for every time-frame? Are not these calibration information constant across the entire dataset?

Take a look at It’s lidar -> ego (lidar timestamp) -> global -> ego (camera timestamp) -> camera.
The calibration is not changing per time-frame, but rather per log (~30 minutes of driving). Every other day the calibration gets checked and updated if needed. There are also multiple cars used, which naturally have slightly different calibration.

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The overlap between the cameras is very limited, so this rather simple code should work well enough: