Transform new radar data to pcd


I’m trying to provide new radar data that I get from my own radar and I don’t know how insert these data to be transformed to PCD?
here’s what the returned data from my radar look like:
objdata = [time.time(),objectId , obj_distlong , obj_distlat , obj_vlong , obj_vlat ,obj_dynprop ,obj_RCS]


So you want to use the nuscenes-devkit for your own dataset?
For the purpose of the devkit, all that really matters is x, y and z. Set z to 0, x to obj_distlong and y to obj_distlat (facing left).

yes exactly. Do I have to transfer the radar points to pcd or to just input x, y and z? and how the timestamps will be treated then? And at what point in the code would it be suitable to introduce my dataset? The radar that we’re using is Conti ARS408.

Apart from the ASCII metadata, the content is binary ( So you will need to encode it as such.

Have a look at the database schema ( For each radar pointcloud you will need an entry in the sample_data.json file. These then link to entries in ego_pose.json and calibrated_sensor.json, which you also need to create.