Cannot setup lidarseg and panoptic data folders

Hi everyone.
I have downloaded the full NuScenes Dataset and set the samples and sweeps folders as indicated in the tutorial. I’ve also downloaded the
nuScenes-lidarseg-all-v1.0.tar and
nuScenes-panoptic-v1.0-all.tar files.
According to the tutorial in github, in the nuScenes-lidarseg-all-v1.0.tar file there should be two folders lidarseg (containing .bin files) and v1.0-* (containing the lidarseg.json file). However, in nuScenes-lidarseg-all-v1.0.tar there is only one file named nuScenes-lidarseg-all-v1.0.
The same in nuScenes-panoptic-v1.0-all.tar file. I would expect a ‘panoptic’ folder containing the *_panoptic.npz files, and a v1.0-* (containing the panoptic.json file). Again, in nuScenes-panoptic-v1.0-all.tar there is only one file named nuScenes-panoptic-v1.0-all.
In short, I cannot find the .bin and *_panoptic.npz files and the corresponding
lidarseg.json panoptic.json and category.json files mentioned in the tutorial on how to setup
the data folder.
(folder schema in
I would appreciate any help. Many thanks in advance.

@markos.antonopoulos the .bin and *_panoptic.npz files and the corresponding
lidarseg.json, panoptic.json and category.json files should be in the nuScenes-lidarseg-all-v1.0 and nuScenes-panoptic-v1.0-all folder you mentioned

many thanks for your answer. The problem was winRAR. I unzipped the files in linux it everything was as expected.

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