Direction of Curvature

My calculations have shown that you do not differentiate between curvature to the right or left hand side when using
arcline_path_utils.get_curvature_at_distance_along_lane(distance_along_lane, lane_record)
from the tutorial to calculate the curvature at a specific point of the lane. Is that correct? For some cases this is kind of unhandy.

You are right. From the method docstring “Computes the unsigned curvature (1 / meters) at a distance along a lane.” Can’t you just post-process it and change the sign accordingly?

ok, you are right the method documentation even states it. What do you mean by post processing it? Currently, I can not think of an easy method to automatically determine afterwards if the lane goes to the right or the left.

Actually we have a method that does it for you:

(I didn’t write the code so it took me some searching)