How can I visualize ego pose point on semantic map?

Hi all,

I’ve followed map expansion tutorial.

    import cv2
    map_pose = ego2global_translation[:2]
    rotation = Quaternion(ego2global_rotation)

    patch_box = (map_pose[0], map_pose[1],
                 self.patch_size[0], self.patch_size[1])

    patch_angle = quaternion_yaw(rotation) / np.pi * 180

    polygon_geom = self.get_map_geom(
        patch_box, patch_angle, self.polygon_classes, location)

    map_scale = 1
    canvas_size = np.array((patch_box[2], patch_box[3])) * map_scale
    canvas_size = tuple(np.round(canvas_size).astype(np.int32))

    road_segment = self.get_map_mask(patch_box, patch_angle, ["road_segment","lane"], canvas_size, location)

I want to visualize ego pose (point and direction) on road_segment (2,102.4,102.4), how can i do that?

Thank you