How do I get the centerline of the lane where a given vehicle obeys the traffic rules?

Hello, can I get only the centerline of the lane where a vehicle obeys the traffic rules and not the centerline of the lane where the traffic rules are violated? If so, what should I do? Thank you in advance!!!

@wxc I think you will need to frame your problem better, e.g. by defining what a violation of traffic rules is for your use case

Thank you for your response. For example, obtaining only lane centerlines that are consistent with the direction of vehicle movement without obtaining lane centerlines that violate traffic rules, e.g., opposite lane centerlines is a traffic violation

One possible way might be to use get_incoming_lane_ids and get_outgoing_lane_ids and check for any agents that are moving from the outgoing lane to the incoming (which would be a traffic violation, in your context)