How to render an agent on basemap

Hi, can I render the agent on the basemap and get the image shown in the figure below? If you can, please tell me what to do. Thank you in advance!

A possible way to render an agent onto the basemap could be:

import math

from matplotlib.patches import Rectangle
from pyquaternion import Quaternion

from nuscenes.eval.common.utils import quaternion_yaw
from nuscenes.map_expansion.map_api import NuScenesMap
from nuscenes.map_expansion.bitmap import BitMap
from nuscenes.nuscenes import NuScenes

nusc = NuScenes(dataroot='/data/sets/nuscenes', verbose=False)
nusc_map = NuScenesMap(dataroot='/data/sets/nuscenes', map_name='singapore-onenorth')
bitmap = BitMap(nusc_map.dataroot, nusc_map.map_name, 'basemap')

my_scene = nusc.scene[0]
first_sample_token = my_scene['first_sample_token']
my_sample = nusc.get('sample', first_sample_token)

my_annotation_token = my_sample['anns'][36]
my_annotation_metadata =  nusc.get('sample_annotation', my_annotation_token)

actor_center = my_annotation_metadata['translation']
actor_size = my_annotation_metadata['size']

ypr_rad = Quaternion(my_annotation_metadata['rotation']).yaw_pitch_roll
actor_yaw =  math.degrees(-(math.pi / 2) + ypr_rad[0])

actor_range = 40 

fig, ax = nusc_map.render_map_patch((actor_center[0] - actor_range, actor_center[1] - actor_range, 
                                     actor_center[0] + actor_range, actor_center[1] + actor_range), 

ax.add_patch(Rectangle(actor_center, actor_size[0], actor_size[1], actor_yaw))

Feel free to check and modify my above code snippet for your use case