Lane and road border annotated (ground thruth) LIDAR dataset needed


I would need lane and road border annotated (ground thruth) in LIDAR dataset (xyz). Is this available ?


Let me answer the question as phrased in your Github issue:

I wonder if there are any annotations available for road marking, lanes, borders ? Or is there a way to incorporate them easily into nuscenes ? If not is there any other LIDAR dataset I could use that has lane/road markings annotated ?

We are currently working on rolling out a new map update with ~20 new semantic layers. These will include semantic layers like lane boundaries, sidewalks, crosswalks, stop lines, etc.
Meanwhile there are many datasets with lane markings, but AFAIK none of them has LIDAR data:

Hi Holger

thank you for your answer. Would you like to have a beta tester for your new map update :slight_smile: ?

Would you have any suggestion/hint with which other dataset you think it would be easiest to map lane marking annotations into a corresponding LIDAR dataset (ie if there is a co-calibrated pair of camera and LIDAR dataset).



Hi @rfsch. Please contact me at if you want to beta test the map extension. Note that I can only share the data with you if you do not participate in the ongoing object detection challenge, to avoid giving you an unfair advantage.

Is there any lane annotation available in Nuscenes after two years?

@Kasra_Eskandari the map expansion referred to by @holger-motional above can be found here: