Specific ambig, dynprop or invalid states don't get stored in RadarPointCloud

When I specify an ambig, dynprop or invalid state and and then recall these states from the RadarPointCloud object, it still shows the standard values

pc = RadarPointCloud.from_file(osp.join(nusc.dataroot, sample_data['filename']), ambig_states=[3,4])

Output should be [3,4] here, but is [3]

Please take a look at the code: https://github.com/nutonomy/nuscenes-devkit/blob/master/python-sdk/nuscenes/utils/data_classes.py#L296
You can either set a default setting

RadarPointCloud.ambig_states = …

Or you can set it for the current function call, but without it being set permanently:

RadarPointCloud.from_file(…, ambig_states=…)

You did the later, but expected the behavior of the former.