Tracking challenge submission

When will the tracking submission open?
I couldn’t find it in EvalAI

Hi. It’s at, but we are still tuning some settings.

Thanks a lot.
When do you expect it to open for submissions?

We’ve extended the submission deadline to Dec 7 (midnight PT).
We are still talking to the admins as there is a problem with the platform.

my submission keeps failing on
assert len(submission_files) == 1
although there is only one json file in the .zip file

@Shirly-Perl Could you send your submission file to

Thanks for the files. I’ll evaluate them locally. Note that we took off the evaluation server until it is fixed. If you still have an old link to it, ignore it and we will open a new server shortly.

When do you expect to publish the leaderboard?

Hi, we will present the results at NeurIPS on Friday and will try to get the leaderboard online by middle of next week.