What is the best contact for someone seeking at introduction talk?


Apologies for the non technical post, yet I tried other channels.

Is anyone answering nuscenes@motional.com - I tried to contact the email multiple times and got no response. I see activity in this forum so I suspect my email was misdirected.

I am trying see if anyone who knows the library can present it to our python meetup group - any leads or contacts will be appreciated.

Hopefully this public post will get a reply.


Hi @Jacob_Barhak! We didn’t seem to have received any emails from you, but your shot at posting in our nuScenes forum worked :slightly_smiling_face:

@holger-motional would be able to answer you on this

Hi. Normally that email address works and we reply to all messages. It seems like there was an issue with your particular mail(s). I’ll get in contact with you via email.