Yaw from Quaternion


How would one calculate the yaw angle of the vehicle using its quaternion?

Please use this function: https://github.com/nutonomy/nuscenes-devkit/blob/master/python-sdk/nuscenes/eval/detection/utils.py#L162


This link doesn’t provide the required function. It only includes “detection_name_to_rel_attributes” and “category_to_detection_name” functions.
Can you please check the link again?

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Apologies for the wrong link. Try:

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Thank you for the link. I was able to write my own function in the mean time. And if there is someone who wishes to get the yaw angle (heading angle) from a quaternion directly then please use the below function,

  •    import numpy as np
  •    quarternion = [w, x, y, z]
  •    numerator = 2 * (quaternion[0]*quaternion[3]+quaternion[1]*quaternion[2])
  •    denominator = 1 - (2*(np.square(quaternion[2])+np.square(quaternion[3])))
  •    yaw_angle = np.arctan2(numerator, denominator)

The yaw_angle will be between [-180, +180] radians

Please refer to Wiki link for the math

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