Scene descriptions - Precision

I’ve noticed / used something nice in the dataset, which is the scene description which can help filter night and rainy scenes.
However, here are 6 scene tokens where the word “rain” or “rainy” should probably have been used and aren’t.


This is more of a FYI than a real issue since I don’t think the dataset “About” page promised that this information would be there all the time.

Thanks a lot. We don’t plan to update these files in the near future, but if we roll out an update we’ll make sure to include these.

It would be great if we have a formal way to identify the weather and time in the scene like: “night” “day”, “sunny” “cloudy” and “rainy”.

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@DKandrew For night and rain the official way is to check 'rain' in scene['description'].lower(). Unfortunately we don’t have tags for sunny or cloudy.