Annotation frame rate in youtube videos

Hello everyone:

First of all, I am very grateful that you have made your database public, as it is very useful for my research.

In your paper and in the webpage information, you established that the annotation frame rate is 2 Hz, but in your youtube preview videos like this one it seems like you have a way obtain those annotations at a different frame rate.

I create this new topic in order to discover how do you perform this frame rate change. I could think of some kind of extrapolation by using a tracker or linear model, but the previews are really well annotated and it would be really helpful if you could explain me your method, since I am working in pedestrian intention prediction and with more information in the same time interval I could improve my results.

Thank you again for all your work.

Hello again:

I wrote this question more than a week ago. I see that other questions are answered quite fast so I do not know if maybe you forgot to answer.

I have seen that there will be a tracking challenge in the future NIPS conference, so I could think about an increase in the labeling rate for this new task.

Thank you, and again thanks for making your work public!

Hi @javierlorenzod.

My apologies, I did not receive your message. Perhaps that’s because no category was specified.
You are indeed right that the video performs linear interpolation of the annotations.
The method which does that is get_boxes().

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Hello @holger-nutonomy,

Don’t worry, I thought that it could be also my fault so I didn’t insist for that reason. Thank you for your help, it’s all clear for now.