Make a costum dataset from nuScenes dataset

i want to train a deep learning model for which i want camera and radar data for each sample in the scene. I am getting error in the code lines with " * ". The problem is that its not iterating through each and every sample in a scene.

nusc = NuScenes(version=‘v1.0-mini’, dataroot=’/data/sets/nuscenes’, verbose=True)

Iterate through scenes in the dataset

for scene in nusc.scene:
    scene_data = nusc.get('scene', scene['token'])

    # Get front camera and radar data for each sample in the scene

   * for sample_token in scene_data['first_sample_token']:

    * sample = nusc.get('sample', sample_token)


      # Get front-radar data

      radar_data = nusc.get('sample_data', sample['data']['RADAR_FRONT'])

      # Load radar data

      radar_points = RadarPointCloud.from_file(radar_data['filename'])

      # Get radar-to-ego transformation

      radar_pose_rec = nusc.get('ego_pose', radar_data['ego_pose_token'])

      radar_cs_rec = nusc.get('calibrated_sensor', radar_data['calibrated_sensor_token'])

      radar_to_ego = transform_matrix(radar_cs_rec['translation'], pq.Quaternion(radar_cs_rec['rotation']), inverse=False)

      # Get front-camera data

      camera_data = nusc.get('sample_data', sample['data']['CAM_FRONT'])

      # Get ego-to-camera transformation

      camera_pose_rec = nusc.get('ego_pose', camera_data['ego_pose_token'])

      camera_cs_rec = nusc.get('calibrated_sensor', camera_data['calibrated_sensor_token'])

      ego_to_camera = transform_matrix(camera_cs_rec['translation'], pq.Quaternion(camera_cs_rec['rotation']), inverse=True)