Problem with conversion from nuscenes into Kitti?

Hey @holger-nutonomy

I am trying to convert nuscenes data into kitti, I downloaded trainval01 and meta data as well. I am following this approach. But I am able to convert only certain number of files into kitti and got filenotfounderror in CAM_FRONT like below.


FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/surendra/Downloads/nuscences/nucsences/nu5/samples/CAM_FRONT/n015-2018-07-18-11-07-57+0800__CAM_FRONT__153188353041247


I can not even convert other data sets also like trainval02,03,04,05. Samer error again.

I just downloaded one v1.0-trainval meta data file for all trainval— folders. Ara there different v1.0-trainval meta folders for each trainval folder?

Could you please help me with this conversion?

Thanks in advance

Hi. Let’s keep the discussion in to avoid duplicate threads.