Query on Lidar Ring and Intensity data


Can you please provide more information on what each ring of the lidar data represents?

Is it as simple as each ring represents a different response wait time? Eg the closest ring is a 100ms response, the next ring 150ms, the next 200ms or something along those lines?

Each ring appears to be evenly spaced and I am curious as to how the spacing occurs in hardware or software.

Looking at the intensity of each lidar point, is the intensity simply the reflectivity of the detected object? Looking at the data it appears that streat signs have the highest intensity values and pedestrians a very low value.

Any details you can provide would be appreciated.


Hi, it’s even easier. A lidar consists of n lasers (in our case n=32). The ring index is the index of the laser. If you imagine the lidar data as a depth image, then the ring index is basically the row index of the image.
Yes, intensity is the same as reflectivity - how much of the emitted laser signal is returned.

Perfect thanks for the detail.