Radar detection range

I want to know the range of the near-beam detection and the long-range beam detection of the radar used to collect the data.f0800f98797d0ec18e11d2864b1c0be .Like this.But I don’t know the radar brand model used in your dataset, so I don’t know its performance. Looking forward to your reply.

Please send an email to holger@nutonomy.com and I will send you more details.

Can you tell the FOV or type of Radar? Thank u

The Radar horizontal FOV is visible in the plot above.
@AndyYangjd As per the type of radar, unfortunately we cannot share these in public. Hence the request to get in touch with me.

Hi, holger,thanks for your reply.

Maybe i have already guessed the type of Radar if the horizontal FOV is in the plot above.
Besides, there is a another problem:
What’s the operating model of radar in nuScenes datasets? Long Range or Short Range or switch between both? Where can i find this information?

It’s both long and short range.

Can you give me one, too?

@yanjanoo Please also send me an email, if you haven’t already done so.