Recommendations for IDE/debugging


While debugging my code in Pycharm I am experiencing very long delays when nusc is read.
Reindexing takes 10 and more minutes.
Are there any recommendations on IDE settings or which IDE works best with nuscenes ?

Sorry for this slightly off-topic question.



hey Rupert,

if possible, try using the mini version for shake-outs and debugging. Loading the whole DB does take a while unfortunately.

hey Oscar,

Thanks. I will try. Unfortunately I need some scenes from boston Harbour. Would they be in mini as well ?


there are 4 Boston scenes in the mini split, which you can use.
I don’t think the IDE is responsible for the slow loading time and PyCharm should be fine.
Perhaps the issue is your data storage or compute?
Even when loading the data over a local network, it still only takes the following time:
mini: load 1.7s, index 0.2s
trainval: load 76.7s, index 17.1s