Tokens for CAM_FRONT are Different for "first_sample_token" and "last_sample_token" of the Same Scene

@holger-nutonomy The tokens for the “CAM_FRONT” of the first sample and last sample of the same scene should be same, since the camera did not change during a scene.

So, all the samples in a particular scenes should have the same token value, but it does not seems follow this.

Hi. There seems to be a misunderstanding. A scene is 20s long. It has around 40 keyframes/samples at 2Hz. For the entire scene we have lidar at 20Hz, radar at 13Hz and camera at 12Hz (sample_data). The closest lidar/radar/camera data is associated with the sample. Hence your assumption that the CAM_FRONT should be different at the first and last sample is wrong.